Sunday Update 4

‘Twas a fever’d escape through the morn light,
Rigging askew and ropes frayed,
The treasure chests abused
And nerves on edge.

Behind us the safety of landfall dwindles,
The winds pursue us yet farther.
A glimpse of a tentacle thrashing
In the leeway distant astern.

The rising sun streams through the clouds and mist.
My hull surges along with crest after crest.
The crew intent on mending what broke
And the galley emanating enticing aromas.

Of course we surge away from danger,
Away from harm yet away from safety
Aware of danger,
Aware of the merciless sea ahead.

The airy regions clear and the waves remit,
Fears begin to thin and fritter.
The crew begin morning meal
Fear yet spices the food.

I remain steadfast, the helmsman steers us true!
My hull not a leak, mast not one part loose!
Keel and rudder true and tight
But on to where? Neither the captain may know.

Fear, that great Superior!
Knower of souls yet ignorant still!
We flee that which lays behind,
In terror still of what lays ahead!