Sunday Update 1

‘Twas a dark and stormy night
Fog and sleet infesting the atmosphere
Sails tearing from the rigging
And mutineers lurking in the hull.

Battered by these insalubrious ethers
Weakened by these vindictive souls
I forge forward
Over towering crest and yawning trough.

My treasures safe in the hold
My bow impregnable
And though my deck be treacherous with ice
My rudder steers us true.

Hours pass of heaving and sawing
Poison passes into the sternway
Ahead! Ahead!
Forging forward toward the dawn!

Hark! The howling wind misses a step
See! Dim light breaks the fog
The storm falters
Dull gloom melts away!

Our way unstopped through the night
Waves relent their angry play
Wind contrives from foe to friend
Sleet exhausted upon the sea.

Tomorrow holds keen promise
The dawn zephyr hastens relief
My rigging now urges us forward
Into the light of a new day.