Star Trek

Up there with Apple, Star Trek is one of the most important, positive contributions of modern North American culture to humanity. Gene Roddenberry’s infallible vision of the future, where humanity has overcome the biological and physiological necessities, and strives toward the emotional, intellectual as a path toward the spiritual, is perhaps the only modern and significant embodiment of Western spirituality.

Disgusting that there seems to be only this one.

That being said, not all Star Trek productions are the same. At its lowest point, Star Trek Enterprise was an attempt by feeble-minded white heterosexuals to counter-act the intellectualism of other Star Treks, with a particular Yankee-esque bent on what Roddenberry originally presented: the moral consequences of viewing all people, including non-homosapiens, as equal.

STE seems to do its best to destroy this concept by re-emphasising the hideous and disgusting effect that Paramount executives had on Gene’s original Star Trek series: belittling women at every possible opportunity. STE makes its misogyny blatantly clear with regular, repetitious and cliche disparagement and disrespect of the female characters whenever the opportunity arises.

TOS began with no misogynistic tendencies but gradually descended horrendously by its third season, where as STE began at that point and meekly attempted to improve. Almost every episode fails the Bechdel Test with negative points, where the de facto main character appears to be an in-bred white heterosexual with an unintelligible accent from somewhere in TUSA.

Even when not necessary or required, this brainless and insensitive character is placed at the centre of the plot despite his position ostensibly being in the engine room. Naturally all alien females are attracted to this dim-witted and shallow asshole. What a farce! It’s like watching the ignorant retards arriving in Japan!

Where TOS was forced into misogyny, TSE leapt without fear or thought: this series is a disgusting, yet boring, display of what white heterosexual Yankees do when given power, and I’m no longer referring to the characters in the story line. Straight, white, male bonding is dull at worse, and empty at best, yet so many of these episodes seem to rely on this as the plot driver. Tokenism plays a role in supporting Gene’s original premise, yet the creators of this series definitely treated that premise as an anchor, and NOT the context!

I despise this series even more so now that I began watching it. I gained the impression in the bloody 90’s that this series was a hideous, horrendous waste of time and an insult to Star Trek, and now that I actually watched it: Yep!