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Kit Adran

Two-thirds in Australia, one-third in Japan, I have spent most of my life moving. We changed home address several times even before I started primary school and I have continued changing my home address: I’ve had 37 different home addresses to date including homelessness.

Over the past three years, I have been transitioning from educator to writer and am a university student again. Through most of my professional life, I devoted myself to helping others as an educator, specifically to helping my students find their voice. Now, however, I must find my own.

I studied psychology, philosophy, Greek and Roman myth and literature and visual arts and design at university the first time; this time I’m studying writing skills. In between I based my TESOL career on skills acquisition. I have a keen interest in non-religious and non-scientific knowledges. I am firmly positioned within sustainability and cosmopolitan perspectives.

Not all my views or content may be to your tastes and for this I apologise. I do not apologise, however, for myself. My intention in creating this legacy of documentation is essentially of skills acquisition and development and, as a writer, my earnest wish is that my content is engaging.

I do hope you enjoy exploring reality from my perspective, and I hope that you feel inspired to likewise provide alternative perspectives on the situations we exist within.

All work in these pages is copyright.