The City

1968 footage of Melbourne Colour refreshed and details enhancedTrams and American carsThrumming with peopleA police officer takes off his pith helmetWipes his brow No children, only adultsWhite men and womenDashing about their dayA couple take a cruise on the YarraAll of them dead nowAll those cars gone, too I guess some of those trams were preservedSomeContinue reading “The City”

Whiteout at Te Papa Tongarewa

‘He protected the settlers from the Maori’SettlersInvading Maori landsShowing no respectKeeping no wordBreaking loreBetraying all ‘You see your new homeland for the first time’Which is someone else’s homeWhich you were not invited to visitWhich your government took with lies and violenceYou step ashore ecstatic to be aliveIgnorant of who stepped ashore before ‘The inter-tribal fightingContinue reading “Whiteout at Te Papa Tongarewa”