Basic Mathematics

1 + 1 = 2Me plus youThis is nothing newWe knew But something’s missingFor you to forceThe issueWhat’s true? You don’t love meWhen I don’t let youHave your way You hate meWhen IHave my say By the way, I’ve been thinkingOf what happenedYesterday I was downDrowningCrying and frowning Never lashed outOrCast you in doubt ButContinue reading “Basic Mathematics”


While I wasn’t lookingI learned a new word todayIt popped up in a most unexpected way Still trying to discern the originOf such an unpleasant toneUnawares since I was a child it’s grown ‘We cannot know before we know’I often taught my studentsAnd I now I have the sense Of contemptBrutalColdDetached ContemptMaternalFamilialSocial Still puzzled atContinue reading “Contempt”