The Price isn’t Right

What is the cost of society? I just had an awkward interaction with someone from the wanna-be affluent section of society who used a variety of avoidance and personal blame techniques to counter my argument that some societies are healthier for a larger majority of their citizens than Australia is. This is an obvious factContinue reading “The Price isn’t Right”

Whiteout at Te Papa Tongarewa

‘He protected the settlers from the Maori’SettlersInvading Maori landsShowing no respectKeeping no wordBreaking loreBetraying all ‘You see your new homeland for the first time’Which is someone else’s homeWhich you were not invited to visitWhich your government took with lies and violenceYou step ashore ecstatic to be aliveIgnorant of who stepped ashore before ‘The inter-tribal fightingContinue reading “Whiteout at Te Papa Tongarewa”

The Ethics of Silence

What you’re finding with all this side-liningis a dangerous repression ofrealityso stop your crying and just beminding your own business No one likes a cry baby and heywe all got our problems Shut your mouth and play by the rulesthe rulesthe rulesand say nothing scary Climbing outta the gravebeing bravemonsters lurking in your caveterrifyingyou back inContinue reading “The Ethics of Silence”