There’s nothing leftthis empty heart with nothing left tomake a startwith and nothing leftover. Nothing left for high hopes or tall orderswhich fall on deafears. Down I go down inside this empty cheston minimal power no energy for the rest of rebuildingrekindling and renewingan old life which definitelydied.A hardened shell, a huskbut not emptya hard shell around somethingunformedContinue reading “Seed”


A flower surprises from the stoneworkmossgrows on a wall ‘How do we live in ruins?’ Rootsentwine and tangle upa vineclambers through a roof ‘A magical place.’ A treesoars up from the loungebirdsflit through the rafters ‘Retain heritage.’ A brookburbling by the windowsa breezetumbles through the trees ‘It’s a dance.’ Treesrotten and old fallsunlightinvades and burnsContinue reading “Place”