Free Will

The act of choosing from available choices is a determined selection. However, awareness of the process of that choice is an act of free will. Gnothi sauton.

The State

I’ve been trying to define ‘corruption’. This word is often used to determine whether something is good or bad. For example until the 1990s in Australia, ‘conflict of interest’ was ‘corruption’ and ‘bad’. Where a politician had a business, this was a conflict of interest in making decisions to protect citizens and improving business growth.Continue reading “The State”


TwistingTurningFloatingDrifting The breeze ticklesIt pushesIt forcesHurls Up, cloudDown, moonLeft, riverRight, the Sun Left, birdUp, starsRight, dogDown, dawn. Nothing to grabNo holdNo one nearThis deathly dance


Experiment in genre-bending fiction and memoir modelled on a literary text, Gulliver’s Travels.


Short story exploring the uncanny as a writing technique.


I feel you in the night I can’t see you but I hear youCalling to me and drawing meBut I’m not free to Be meYou see? Like a ceiling that holds me downAnd stops me going upTrapped in my mind the thoughts bind There’s a crime here and it’s gotta be saidThat what drives me toContinue reading “Origin”


I’m not leaving you againnot this timenot like beforeand beforeandbefore I promise I won’t run awaynot this timeI’ll stay with youI’ll stayIt’s true Maybe I’m old and tiredI’ve been around the planetMaybe I should have taken you with meIf I hadn’t run from what I knew I’m really not good at thisnot this feelingnot thisContinue reading “Apart”


Waves wash up the beachTickling toesTinkling sand follows their wake Sitting on the sand legs are splashedRivulets drawingGazing at the sheet of water retreating Follow the wave in as it flows under the nextFrothy bubblesWater dances happily around arms, legs, and body Deeper water, larger waves, float on the surfaceCaressing bubblesDive under the next wave,Continue reading “Submerging”