Making Connections

The adult learner has a wealth of knowledge not just about the language they need to study, but about how their primary language functions. Most people aware of their learning style and what they need to know. What most people lack is an awareness of how their brains can be supported in learning, or howContinue reading “Making Connections”

The History of the Macintosh

Apple Computer The History of the Macintosh In 1978, the Apple Lisa began development as the embodiment of applied and humanised computing being demonstrated at Xerox Parc. Steve Jobs was in charge of this expensive failure, and saw his first GUI-based computing solution out-performed by the Macintosh. Jef Raskin began the Mac project in 1979Continue reading “The History of the Macintosh”

Slick Humanity Continuing to allow companies to benefit from industrial destruction of the planet naturally has consequences. There’s not much that can be done on a personal level when entire countries have been structured to operate as profit-supporting entities, going even so far as the culture being completely reoriented on consumerism. Pesticides known to destroyContinue reading “Slick Humanity”


Causes for some people not learning I often wonder why my methods and approach are not successful when they aren’t. I try to understand what happens during the process of establishing rapport which is where most disconnects related to learning and development begin. Unlike the industry-standard first lesson where I’ve noticed most English language instructorsContinue reading “Anti-Learn”

Five Panics

Five Ways to Reduce Student Panic After many years of schooling, I’ve noticed many of my adult Japanese students feel quite certain as to their poor aptitude for English: they have years of proof of their inability for this esoteric subject. Yet times now require this lingua franca as a professional necessity in many companies,Continue reading “Five Panics”