A Smaller Space

Is there free will? What is the depth of this question? Can we place limits on awareness? Deliciously philosophical questions, I know! Questions… but merely the tip of the tentacle. When I was about 7, I decided to help my mother and, by extension, my brothers and sisters. That eventually extended into helping wherever IContinue reading “A Smaller Space”


Follow the money
into the nightmare
of avarice.


From jagged cliff edge, across rickety bridge, sanctuary.

Battle Nations

What PR communicates of a nation’s self-perception.


Today we’re gonna write a poem write it about your life it’s the only thing that is actually yours no one else is allowed to write about it Find the place inside you That you never knew was inside you Look for the piece of you That denies what the world does to you BeatingContinue reading “Today”


So hard to do leaving you but I did it again you invited me back I was lost and losing crying in the dark ‘I’ll take care of you’ and back I came I knew but I hoped it wouldn’t be pain and misery supposed to care supposed to know supposed to love traps setContinue reading “Detaching”

Yes and No

Hall of mirrors no way out hall of visions turn about Find the answer look for the key running non-stop what do you see? A face a leaf a clue the tip of a tentacle Not quite right don’t question just be silent mind your inflections Make the choice that is always appreciated comply youContinue reading “Yes and No”