Practitioner Statement

Kit Adran

I’m motivated by people’s responses.


Sculpting Words

Greetings. I’m Kit Adran and welcome!

I’m a Brisbane-born creative writer rising from the ashes of my life + a world pandemic. I knew I would write a book in my early 20s but it was my mid-40s before I began crafting stories. Some are based on my life, others are not. All of them I wish to be good stories.

Academic studies have provided a plethora of insights. Punctuation and grammatical accuracy, character and dialogue, plot, modulation and ideological worldview are the raw materials of story. The framework of the story and narrative voice provide the interface for the reader. Content connects the reader to the characters. My writing skills are still improving.

My goal is to publish my first genre-bending novel by early next year and to complete that trilogy by the end of 2023. Fantastical Autobiographies is a creative reinterpretation of three formative parts of my life: key people of my childhood, becoming an adult in Japan, and returning to Australia.

I challenge the reader to infer the authenticity of which each character experiences. Each instalment draws on diverse genre conventions with various tones. In rebellion against the standard format of autobiographical literature, my wish is for the reader to experience the texture of my life.

Being an autonomous author presents severe financial and industrial challenges. Most writers earn enough for some food but not rent, and certainly not enough to publish a book. Engaging in other disciplines for me, such as education, is indicated. Once published, many books are never noticed as most writers cannot afford a publicist: awards and local publications are vital avenues to gain recognition and develop a readership.

My life has been shaped primarily by one book, Foundation by Isaac Asimov. Other books have deeply informed my awareness such as Charlotte’s Web, The Crucible and Medea. Being a writer, an author, my wish is to contribute to people’s lives and perhaps shape them. The intersection between writer, reader and book, the content of this interaction and its consequences, intrigues me.

I aspire to be an Australian voice in the world of literature. There’s a sea change in entertainment where inclusion and diversity no longer need to be trumpeted but integrated as foregone conclusions. Australia is a treasure trove of invaluable stories.