Follow the money
into the nightmare
of avarice.

What’s something most people don’t understand? Themselves

Secondary Progression

Comparison I discovered yesterday that my mother and father both have the same progression cycle: at the moment, they are one year away from Progressed Moon conjunct Progressed Sun. Both are experiencing a phase of life where they are throwing away many things and clearing out the old to make way for the new, asContinue reading “Secondary Progression”


The human soul is here to soar!Breaking slowly out of the mud of our bodies,Away from our self-perpetuating desires,Beyond seas of emotions and skies of thought!No mean feat, always worth the effort.

Sunday Update 6

‘Twas a shrill cry,Far above the main sail,That turned all eyes skyward:An eclipse! The three suspects,The milling passengers And the crew alike,All instantly tense.  The gull which called the alertFaltered mid-flightAnd sank down with the breeze,Silently to the icy waters.  Only the rigging continued its rhythmic rapAccompanied by creaking deck.The sun began her first sliver ofContinue reading “Sunday Update 6”

from com to org

A fairly painless experienceFacilitated by insomniaAnd a fair excitementThat I hope you enjoy. Not as painless as hopedIncessant prompts to pay more moneyUnstated requirements ariseRegret begins to seep in