Sunday Update 7

‘Twas a deepening twilightDescending upon the sea,Obscuring the clouds,Fear striking deep inside. ‘Harken unto me!’Now three-quarters gone‘Cast forth true Light I shall!Sol irrevocably exits Her righteous throne. Upon my decksFootsteps coalesce,Drawn to the dignified callOf the grizzled hierophant. ‘Nay a-folly shall befall the Pure!’Hands up-raised and face up-turned‘Tarry not! Obeisance!’Followers converge at her feet. MyContinue reading “Sunday Update 7”

Sunday Update 6

‘Twas a shrill cry,Far above the main sail,That turned all eyes skyward:An eclipse! The three suspects,The milling passengers And the crew alike,All instantly tense.  The gull which called the alertFaltered mid-flightAnd sank down with the breeze,Silently to the icy waters.  Only the rigging continued its rhythmic rapAccompanied by creaking deck.The sun began her first sliver ofContinue reading “Sunday Update 6”

Sunday Update 5

‘Twas a fearsome dashFear striking deep into the crew’s heartsChill terrorA fine match for the chill weather! Choppy seas flow beneath usWe continue our flight from the tentacled menaceThe icy winds of winter Hurl us farther into the open seas. Yet while the monster lurks distantly asternMore evil lurks still in the hull.The treasure chest hasContinue reading “Sunday Update 5”

Sunday Update 4

‘Twas a fever’d escape through the morn light,Rigging askew and ropes frayed,The treasure chests abusedAnd nerves on edge. Behind us the safety of landfall dwindles,The winds pursue us yet farther.A glimpse of a tentacle thrashingIn the leeway distant astern. The rising sun streams through the clouds and mist.My hull surges along with crest after crest.TheContinue reading “Sunday Update 4”

Sunday Update 3

‘Twas a dour and chill mornAs the sails poured forth,A snake-like form sliding through the watersAnd chills run through the crew. ‘Avast! Be hearty!’ The captain spurs them on,My lines are taughtAnd the breeze fills my sails fullyAs the ship’s bell tolls alarm. Slipping from their slimy embraceMy hull surges from the monster’s grasp,My keepContinue reading “Sunday Update 3”

Sunday Update 2

’Twas a clear breeze which came with the glowing light of dawnAnd the gulls’ calls brought a rising hopeThe crew slowly began wakingTo assess the damage. Rigging had been rent,And sails tornYet my masts still stand strongAnd my prow still holds tight. ‘Ahoy! Land ahoy!’Cries rise from them allRiding over cresting waveWe glimpse the horizon’sContinue reading “Sunday Update 2”

Sunday Update 1

‘Twas a dark and stormy nightFog and sleet infesting the atmosphereSails tearing from the riggingAnd mutineers lurking in the hull. Battered by these insalubrious ethersWeakened by these vindictive soulsI forge forwardOver towering crest and yawning trough. My treasures safe in the holdMy bow impregnableAnd though my deck be treacherous with iceMy rudder steers us true.Continue reading “Sunday Update 1”